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About Us

We formed Innovative Water Solutions Laboratories (IWSL) to fill a need for New Jersey homeowners just like you.

You want a simple process to test your water. And you probably prefer a company that’s focused on customer satisfaction above everything else.

So that’s what we did. We made our operation simple — we just focus on PWTA testing and water quality testing. We also built customer service into everything we do.

Now, we are the leading water testing lab in New Jersey. We’re proud of that, and we are continuing to innovate to make sure we remain your go-to experts for water testing.

Our Approach to PWTA Testing

Homeowners looking to sell their New Jersey property are required to delivery water testing for potable water wells. That’s a great thing for ensuring the safety of drinking water in this state. But it also means there is a need.

If you are looking to sell your home, we know that you want to test your well water and know that the results will be:


You don’t want to have to wait. Even worse, you don’t want to ruin the timeline of a sale because you can’t get your water testing done in time.


If you’re testing the water, you want it to be right. That’s why the laboratory you use matters.


There is no sense in getting your water tested if the results won’t meet PWTA requirements.

When we built IWSL, we had these three features front and center. So if you need PWTA testing, we’re the best option for New Jersey homeowners

Our Approach

Beyond PWTA testing, we know that a lot of homeowners want to know that their water is safe. Your family relies on it — so it’s crucial to get right.

IWSL uses state-of-the-art technology to get you the most comprehensive water quality testing possible. When you get our results, you can rest assured you’re getting a full-spectrum view of what’s in your water.

Need to make changes? Our experts can guide you through the process of remedying any problems that show up. Let us help restore the quality of your drinking water. Contact us today.

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