What is PWTA testing ?

The Private Well Testing Act (PWTA) enacted in March 2001 became effective on September 14, 2002 and is mandatory for all covered real estate transactions. The closing of title my not take place until the testing has been done and both the buyer and seller have received a copy of the test results. These requirements are in addition to those of the Local Health Departments.

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Water Quality Officer tests factory water with pH meter for safety, preventing contamination.

Conducting PWTA Test

Note: A PWTA well test is required for Real Estate Transactions in NJ

The standard PWTA test includes analysis for: Coliform, Nitrates, Arsenic, Iron, Manganese, Lead, pH, Gross Alpha Radiation, and 26 Volatile Organic Chemicals. 

Where required by County, the PWTA test may also include: Mercury or Uranium. Some Municipalities require additional parameters.